Hennepin County Association of Paramedics and EMTs

We represent the Paramedics and EMDs of Hennepin EMS

Hennepin County Association of Paramedics and EMTs (HCAPE) is the exclusive representative of Paramedics and Emergency Medical Dispatchers employed by Hennepin EMS. 

Our membership comprises approximately 160 members who respond to over 100,000 calls for Emergency Medical Services each year. We are proud to serve an area of over 250 square miles, including the City of Minneapolis. 

We are proud to advocate for improved safe working conditions, adequate compensation, and patient safety to support high quality emergency medical services in our community. 

In The News

HCAPE has been actively working to halt the implementation of the new “LAPD Blue” uniforms at Hennepin EMS. We have taken many steps to advocate on behalf of our members to stop this implementation due primarily to the similarity between the new uniform and nearly every law enforcement agency that we serve along side. Below are a couple of links. First, we sent a letter to nearly 200 elected officials in Hennepin County that we authored along with several other unions that service Hennepin Healthcare Systems. That letter is linked below. The next two links go to news articles about our concerns and efforts to halt the implementation of the new uniform.

Union Coalition Uniform Letter

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