Chief Steward Paramedic Update

I look forward to serving our members in the role of Chief Steward.  Together with our stewards and executive board we make sure the employer honors our mutually agreed upon contract.  This can be done through conversations with management/hospital or grievance processes.  If you have a concern or question regarding the contract, please reach out to me, stewards or any of the executive board members sooner rather than later.  All grievances are time sensitive (Step 1 grievances need to be submitted within 14 days).   

Chief Steward EMD Update

My primary goal as one of the chief stewards is to protect the membership from management. I work with the other stewards and board members to fight discipline and grieve management breaking our contract. I am also out to support the rest of the board and our projects including the website, social media, and community outreach

President Update

The Executive Board has been working on a variety of projects over the last month, with the overarching goal of developing the HCAPE brand. We have updated existing technology and practices to increase our efficiency which will allow us to focus our energy and time on the issues that truly matter. We are in the process of developing new initiatives to increase HCAPE’s presence and influence. The website is a component of that and there will be much more coming out in the following weeks and months.

We are continuing to push for more access to mental health resources for our members. I, along with other board members, have met with medical direction and the peer support group as a part of that. The Peer Support Group has some great things in place and in the works that will be a huge benefit to our members. If you have any questions about the information above, feel free to contact me directly

Vice President Update

I’m excited to get started with my new role as Vice President. I had a great meeting with Chad Durand and he walked me through the responsibilities and history of the position. I’m currently getting several bids for marketing/PR consultants for HCAPE. This consultant would be a onetime meeting to help us cement branding and outreach. I’m also working with John to integrate new social media accounts into our website. Hopefully, you will be seeing HCAPE’s digital/social media influence expanding soon. I want to leverage these modern tools to push policy that keeps members safe and allows us to provide world class patient care. 

Treasurer Update

I want to start by thanking everyone for the opportunity to serve as your union treasurer. It’s not lost on me that I am a very junior guy in this role, and I want to encourage everyone to reach out with concerns and suggestions. The union’s budget comes directly out of your paychecks, and as your fiduciary, I am accountable to all of you.

To that end, everything I do as your treasurer is guided by transparency, accountability, and productivity. As that relates to what I’m working on now, we have switched banks from Bremer to TCF. We switched for a number of reasons, but chiefly because of the online banking features that TCF offers. This allows every member of the board to have their own unique login, the ability to review the unions accounts and transaction histories, and their own unique credit card number so every member of the board knows exactly who is spending money and how, rather than sharing cards or issuing reimbursements. We are also using electronic receipts wherever possible to cut down on waste, storage, and scanning. 

I will also be working with the bylaws committee to improve the flexibility and accountability in how we handle transactions. 

Again, please reach out with any suggestions or concerns any time. I look forward to seeing how we can all work together.